We love children at Concord, and your child’s safety is extremely important to us. Every volunteer and staff member is required to have a background check and complete training to ensure your child’s safety.

Upon arrival, someone at our Welcome Area (main lobby) or Nursery Welcome Area will walk you through the process of registering your child.  You may also choose to pre-register your children here.  Your children will be checked in using our computerized check-in system and you will be given a randomly generated security code assigned only to your family. The code will print on a name tag sticker for the child and one will be printed for you, the parent/guardian. The child’s tag will also include any medical notes, such as allergies, that your child may have so all volunteers working with your child will be aware. The parent/guardian’s tag must be presented in order to pick up your child.

**Please note we do not allow elementary aged children to check in or pick up their siblings.**